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Joshua Gayman

Wholesaling Homes with “Cold Calling On Steroids”

Joshua Gayman is a Real Estate Disruptor, this is his story

Welcome to our “Stories” blog series. At Startup Property, we believe that real estate investors of all experience levels should share their “trials and triumphs” with the rest of the real estate investing world. How else can you learn and grow? Because of this, we have decided to share the ‘Stories’ blog post series.

For the following several weeks, we will feature one of you from our community of ‘disruptive real estate investors.’ We will get to know you and your real estate investing story. Hopefully, this will be a way for those of you within the community to both engage with one another and network in a meaningful way. And who knows? You may even learn something new! (We hope you do!) This week we are interviewing Joshua Gayman.

First of all, let’s get to know each other a little bit better. Tell us about yourself, Joshua:

My name is Joshua Gayman, and I am an investor in Phoenix, Arizona. I come from a football background, I played college ball in Northern California. Before real estate investing, I was a car salesman until the recession hit and I lost my job.

A long term friend introduced me to real estate investing, and I got involved after I saw what a great opportunity it was. When I first started out I got my real estate license and did short sales from 2013-2014. After the inventory dried up on short sales, I went into wholesaling and then into flipping after I was introduced to Sean Terry’s Flip For Freedom.

Currently, my target market continues to be Phoenix, AZ. In 2016, I was doing 50% fix & flip and 50% wholesaling, but this year, I am focused on more on wholesaling.

I get most of my deals from outbound marketing, some of my strategies include direct mailGoogle PPC, and what I like to call “Cold Calling on Steroids.” For this tactic, my partner and I have setup our own call center to reach out to potential sellers. This strategy has worked so well that our cost per deal on it is half of what it costs for direct mail and Google PPC. I am also looking into sourcing deals through Facebook Advertising but have not had much luck with this channel so far.

In 2017, I want to double the number of deals I did in 2016 and keep my focus directly on wholesaling.


How did you get into real estate investing? Why?

Originally, I started my real estate investing journey by reading everything I could, surfing the internet, reading forums, attending events, and ultimately one day, I started taking massive action.

Why did I get involved in real estate investing?

Because I want to always be able to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and as much as possible, with whom I want.

Tell me about your most successful investment.

I bought several houses with zero money out of pocket, which provides cash flow for life. Additionally, I’ve many, many six-figure pay days. However, I don’t have one particular investment that stands out … yet.

What is the most creative strategy you have used when investing in real estate?

There are many creative strategies that I consistently use. I bought a house a couple weeks ago with less than $10k out of pocket. It cash flows $300/month, the tenants took it “as is,” and it will be fully paid off in nine years. Because of the financing I secured, I’m basically paying 0%, and I walked in with $40k equity.

I sold a four-plex just today for $20k profit (close in one week and they deposited $5k non-refundable deposit today) with none of my own money and zero risks in the deal. I guess those are the big two, but you can go deeper within those strategies and get even more creative. The opportunities are endless!

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am finishing a software which helps real estate investors track their marketing, follow up with leads and manage their deals which is built on top of the Podio platform.

I’m also working on getting my wholesale coaching business,, up and running. I am doing a series of free webinars where I will help teach others how to be successful at wholesaling. If any readers are interested you can sign up for the webinar here.



If you could give one piece of advice in relation to real estate investing, what would it be?

Hold for wealth.

My biggest advice is to buy and hold assets. Fix & Flips and Wholesaling can give you great one time payments, but rentals can give you passive income.

I would also say that there is no advantage in having your RE license for Wholesaling.

What technology are you using to help you in real estate investing?

I’m currently using the Podio platform which will soon be available on the open market. It’s currently being used by several teams doing over $100k per month profits around the country that are in our mastermind (pilot program).


What about real estate investing interests you the most?

It’s the greatest opportunity in the world!

Who do you follow? Who are your influencers within the industry?

What is one way you would improve the real estate investing industry?

Keep it real and always be providing the most up-to-date edges that we are getting in our own business with the rest of the world.

Plug Your Stuff! What of yours can we share with our audience?

Currently, I am looking to improve my Facebook ads targeting. If you’re an expert out there, let’s get in touch.

As far as social media goes, I’m most active on Instagram. You can follow me, at @highgross14

Until next time, stay disruptive!

-Startup Property


This blog post is strictly an interview with Josh Gayman, and we have no professional affiliated with him. While we encourage our readers to learn from fellow members in our community, please know that Startup Property is not responsible for any personal or professional purchases or business transactions that happen between yourself and the interviewee of this blog post.